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  • Is Your Country Banned or Limited By PayPal?
  • Are You Finding It Difficult To Send and Receive Payment Online Simply Because Your Country Is Currently BANNED By PayPal?!
  • Are You Unable To Carry Out Needed Transactions With Your Current PayPal Account Simply Because Your Country Has Some Limitations?
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Over 500 USA PayPal Accounts Opened Since 2010

  Since 2010 to date, this secret method has been used to open and operate over 500 functional US PayPal accounts.

  And all my clients who follow my very simple guide are still using their US PayPal to send and receive payments online without their accounts being suspended or closed!

  And my fail-safe method has just been updated for year !

Is Your Country Currently BANNED By PayPal…Making It Difficult For You To Send and Receive Money Online?!

Cannot send or receive payment online simply because you do not have a verified PayPal account?

Oops! Can't seem to find your country on the PayPal sign up page?

Wanted to have a secure and widely accepted means to send and receive money online with ease, right?

But on getting to PayPal's sign up page, you discovered your country is not even on their list to start with. Your country is BANNED!

This harsh reality has shattered your dream of having the most widely accepted means of sending and receiving payment online.

So far, you've tried so many 'popular' solutions out there and have lost your hard-earned money seeking solution…but all to no avail.

Right now … you're scared, tired and frustrated because all the so-called 'popular' solutions you've tried in the past have failed you completely.

But, you know what?

You don't need to WORRY yourself again!

Is Your Country RESTRICTED By PayPal…Making It Impossible To Perform Needed Transactions With Your Country's PayPal?!

Let's face the fact …

You may be lucky to have the much sought-after PayPal account … but still find it impossible to perform most needed transactions online simply because your country is put under some restrictions by PayPal for reasons best known to them.

Recently, my country, Nigeria, was inducted by PayPal. But unfortunately, the accompanying restrictions make it impossible for Nigerians to work or sell online and earn money because Nigeria's PayPal cannot receive money.

So, let me ask you …

Are you unable to perform needed transactions with your current PayPal account simply because your country has some imposed restrictions?!

If your answer is YES, then, rejoice because I'm here to unveil to you my unmatched, tested and proven, fail-safe method of opening and operating a fully functional USA PayPal account right from your country. Cool, isn't it?

Restricted Nigeria PayPal (Sucks )

Is your country is limited by PayPal making it impossible to perform needed transaction with your current PayPal?

Restricted Nigerian PayPal account with most of the needed features disabled!

Full Feature USA PayPal (Rocks )

Is your country is limited by PayPal making it impossible to perform needed transaction with your current PayPal?

Fully functional USA PayPal account with all the fantastic features available!

Though Your Country Is Currently Banned Or Restricted…You Can Still Open and Operate A Fully Functional USA PayPal!

You can still open and operate a fully functional PayPal account even though your country is banned or restricted by PayPal

You can own and operate a fully functional US PayPal account.
Since 2010, this secret method has helped over 500 satisfied customers around the world get fully functional US PayPal account that they are still using till today without problem!

Even though your country is banned or restricted, you can still:

  • Open a fully functional USA PayPal account that has the ability to send and receive payments online anywhere in the world;
  • Verify the account with a special US Bank account in order to lift the limitations associated with unverified account;
  • Get a special VPN (Virtual Private Network) with dedicated IP address to use in accessing the PayPal account anytime you want;
  • Learn how to use your new verified US PayPal account to avoid unwarranted suspension; and
  • Learn how to fund and how to withdraw from your US PayPal account with ease.

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How Does It Work?

How US PayPal solution works with special VPN

  • You use your normal local Internet connection just as usual from your home country (e.g., Nigeria).
  • You get hooked onto this special secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) server that I'll guide you on how to get.
  • The special VPN securely tunnels your Internet connection and gives you a dedicated USA IP address which only you have access to.
  • Now, when you visit PayPal's website, it will detect and log the dedicated USA IP instead of your local IP address.
  • With this fail-safe method, you can now sign up, verify and login freely to effect transactions online with a US PayPal anytime you want. Cool, isn't it?

Over 5 Years Old Unmatched, Uniquely Different, Tested, Proven and Fail-safe USA PayPal Solution!

My PayPal solution is tested, proven  and fail-safe with over 5 years in existence.

  • My fail-safe method is quite DIFFERENT from other 'popular' junk methods you must have come across or heard of out there.
  • Mine is NOT one of those that you use to open an account today and the next day the account gets suspended by PayPal.
  • Since 2010, this secret method has helped over 500 satisfied customers around the world get fully functional US PayPal account that they are still using till today without problem.
  • As long as you follow my simple GUIDE on how to use your account, PayPal 'witches and wizards' (as I chose to call them) will NEVER have reason to suspend or limit your account.
  • All my clients who adhere to my instructions are still using their accounts to send and receive payments online.

With Your Verified and Fully Functional USA PayPal Account, You Can Now Send And Receive Payment Online Easily!

With functional US PayPal account you can shop online, make payment online, work and get paid online, and sell beyond domestic market.

With a verified USA PayPal account, you enjoy absolute online payment FREEDOM!

With a verified and functional USA PayPal account, you can now:

  • Shop securely online with millions of merchants around the world that accept PayPal;
  • Make payment online conveniently and quickly - no need to pay someone else to do it for you;
  • Work and offer your services online, both locally and internationally, and get paid easily;
  • Increase your sales by selling beyond your domestic market - start accepting international payments easily;
  • And STOP patronising highly exorbitant pay-for-me vendors and save big each time you make payment online.

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What My Satisfied Customers Are Saying!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm offering an unwavering, ironclad, 30-day money-back guarantee because I'm so sure about my US PayPal Solution and how it will help solve your online payment problems and catapult your online business to the next level.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with my PayPal Solution within the next 30 days, starting from the day you placed order, just contact me and I'll refund you your money – No hassles!

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How To Open, Verify and Operate
USA PayPal Account Guide
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This detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots will explain:

  • How to get dedicated IP address to use in opening USA PayPal Account.
  • How to get address, zip code and real phone number to use in opening USA PayPal account.
  • How to verify USA PayPal account using a special bank account and what to do immediately after verification to avoid suspension.
  • How to add a special credit card to US PayPal account and boost account limits.
  • What to do and measures to take to avoid PayPal account suspension.
  • Where to exchange PayPal dollars for Naira or other e-currencies.
  • And plenty other stuff we wouldn't want PayPal undercover agents snooping around to hear about.

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